Cellini is a South African brand that provides a range of high-end luggage products but at an affordable price. Having had development and growth in the region previously, the brand is now positioned to rival any key competitor in the region.

Standards are never in question, however our ability to leap above rivals in the UAE market is expected to make ongoing growth.

The range of affordable yet premium fitted goods has matched ideally with the relationships for our customers, and we expect growth to continue and make impact on the lucrative UAE market.

The Products & Categories

  • Auberge
  • Echo
  • Tango
  • Carnival
  • New Holiday
  • Delta
  • Micro Light
  • Express
  • Urban

Hassan Mukhtar & Brothers L.L.C. manage a brought range of customers across the United Arab Emirates. We are leading distributors of reputed fragrance, personal care products, luggage, and stationery categories. We export to various countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and many more. We offer distribution of renowned brands namely Royal Mirage, Eternal Love, Brut, Denim, L’evinia, Pelikan, Beverly Hills Polo Club, ICE, Inglish, La Breeza, Cellini and Rainbow Max.