A simple yet logical extension of the brands Hassan Mukhtar & Brothers offers to trade here in the UAE. Travel and movement are a cornerstone of all who pass through these borders, and organization is the key to packing for travel.

Reflecting the philosophy that “there’s a place for everything and everything should be in its place”, our related brands do the thinking for you, and all you need to do is pack. Be it business or pleasure; even for the little travelers.

Travel Luggage

Whatever You Want

A bag is no longer just a bag, and Hassan Mukhtar & Brothers give customers all the choice.

Microlite, trolley, duffle, hard case, soft flex, expandable, large, small, in between, as a set, premium, affordable.

The office, holiday break or first day back at school is totally covered.


Quite simply, the category (and demand for such) is absolutely huge.

We continue to expand, build interest and grow market share by functional affordable brands with the distributional service expected.

Man with Luggage
School Kids Fun


Who said it needs to be dull and boring? Not us. Our brands can be as bright and exciting as you choose.

For the little ones, we also provide a vast choice covering Mr. Men, Mustang, Lulu Caty, FC Barcelona and many other styles to suit their tastes.