Quality Q-Mark all round

Durable enough to laugh off the falls that may happen, made to the highest safety specifications, competitively priced. All challenges removed so you can focus on that first push.

Five-Star Branded Bicycles

A collection of licensed brand names that will encourage them to make their first cycling experience a proud one. Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, Ben 10 and Real Madrid to name a few.

Premium Bicycles for Children

A wide range of styles, colors, designs, and sizes to ensure we have something for whatever a kid needs to put a smile on their faces.

Cycling is a rite of passage; one that offers freedom, independence, the joy of feeling the wind through your hair.

Parents today appear to get their kids cycling at younger and younger ages. Of course, teaching them to cycle means buying a bike can be tricky, pricey and confusing.

Being mindful that your youngster will soon grow out of it, each child’s different specifications, safety too. Through Hassan Mukhtar & Brothers, it’s never been easier to get your little one peddling away successfully.