Fragrances are our thing

At Hassan Mukhtar & Brothers, we’ve built a name for ourselves as a fragrance distributor. That’s not taking away from our other category success (quite the opposite) but it helped show our customers where we shine.

The ever-expanding range of fragrance brands and variants is a result of listening to market needs, encouraging opportunity for partners and nurturing relationships forged over the years.

Group of Cosmetic Products
Once Smell and Never Forget

The range of Choice for Consumers

Whether it’s managing a nearly 40-year history of American fragrances, beating expectation for global iconic colognes, or simply realizing the potential for new scents that need the right introduction, Hassan Mukhtar & Brothers cross-sell categories that expect individual attention.

The potential to expand further

Our grass rooted sales team and market know-how ensure that products meet the right target market without questioning the integrity of our partnerships. With this in mind, there’s no reason why Hassan Mukhtar & Brothers can’t bring new benefits to UAE consumers.

Fragrance Bells