Talc’s and Lotions

These UAE categories expect products synonymous with quality.

Our talc brands have a luxuriously scent and feel.Our lotion brands are rich and subtle, making your skin feel fresh and energized. Collectively, all such products are the portrait of dependability. They’re now associated with premium ingredients and affordability overall. They have grown to rival some of the biggest talc and lotion brands in the region.

Daily Skincare Cosmetics


Deodorants and Roll-Ons

Both known as highly competitive and volatile categories, these are still a staple performer for driving brand awareness and high volume in store.

As the UAE market has continued to change and alter sharply in the past decade, our range of deodorant and roll-ons are essential with keeping certain brands presence ‘on the front line’.

Shaving & Prep Products

While some would assume a “certain” global shaving brand has this category entirely covered, its actually not the case.

The UAE razor blade market alone has sales in excess of AED190 million per year proving there is clearly potential to make huge growth off ‘smaller’ gains.

Once again, the flexibility of Hassan Mukhtar & Brothers provides these gains to different brands under this umbrella.

Shaving Accessories