Originally the term stationery referred to all products sold by a “stationary”, whose name indicated that his bookshop was on a fixed spot, usually near a university, and permanent.

In its modern sense including personal writing materials, it plays an increasing role in the growth and success of our distribution.

In some ways an extension of Hassan Mukhtar & Brothers non-food experience, but in other ways a true example of how our relationship with retail groups in the UAE allows new opportunities to expand. This category is collaborated through several brands for mutual benefit.

High-Quality Writing Equipment

Quality writing products go hand in hand for a fast-paced business hub like the UAE. As to the range of office and stationery supplies that are provided to the thousands of customers we service.

Fun, Arts, Crafts, Hobbies

Lots of our focus is on making the little faces smile just as much as the bigger ones. Supplying material for fun and enjoyment happens across several our brands.

School Supplies

Trolleys, pencil cases, water bottles, lunch bags and boxes. There really is no end to the variety and cross over of category that succeeds with Hassan Mukhtar & Brothers.